Husband. Father. Pastor. Human.

Pursuing reasonableness, thoughtfulness, & faithfulness. Dabbling in optimism and grace. Seeking the most excellent way.

Husband to Kristin. Father to Maggie, Judah, & Lea. Pastor to the good people of Corbin Church of the Nazarene in Corbin, Kentucky.

I am blogging because I need to do better. I need to be more reasonable. I need to be more thoughtful. I need to be more faithful. Putting my thoughts down in writing helps me to ensure I am doing all of the above. I am hoping to encourage others to be reasonable, thoughtful, and faithful in their journeys as well, even when we don’t agree.

I’m naturally a skeptic and cynic, but I long to be optimistic and gracious. I’m trying. Some times I try harder than other times.

I should add that the views expressed here are solely mine. I admit that I can be and have been wrong at least once or twice before. I welcome dialogue, dissent, and discussion as long as we can do it with mutual respect. We can make each other better.

I also occasionally contribute at Huffington Post and online parenting magazine Red Tricycle.