Pursuing reasonableness, thoughtfulness, & faithfulness. Dabbling in optimism and grace. Seeking the most excellent way.

Husband to Kristin. Father to Maggie, Judah, & Lea.

We moved to Wichita, Kansas in the summer of 2018 with some friends of ours to plant and help pastor The Dwelling Church. I work co-vocationally at the Mental Health Association of South Central Kansas in a program designed to help teenage boys thrive in emotional and social health.

I am blogging because I need to do better. I need to be more reasonable. I need to be more thoughtful. I need to be more faithful. Putting my thoughts down in writing helps me to ensure I am doing all of the above. I am hoping to encourage others to be reasonable, thoughtful, and faithful in their journeys as well, even when we don’t agree.

I’m naturally a skeptic and cynic, but I long to be optimistic and gracious. I’m trying. Some times I try harder than other times.

I should add that the views expressed here are solely mine. I admit that I can be and have been wrong. I welcome dialogue, dissent, and discussion as long as we can do it with mutual respect. We can make each other better.

I’ve previously contributed at Huffington Post and online parenting magazine Red Tricycle.